Best Hydroponic Grow Systems

These days, there are less and less fertile farm lands to grow crops in. Contrary to what you might think, this doesn’t position such a huge dilemma for our growers. Why? You may ask. The response lies in hydroponic grow systems.

Since the Biblical times— the time of Babylon to be precise– we have already developed a way to grow plants without requirement of soil. How else do you believe the Hanging Gardens of Babylon stayed hanging up there and still handled to wow individuals all over the ancient world? Simple: The Babylonians used a form of hydroponic grow system to keep the plants’ nutrient and supply of water running.

Today, we don’t have the Hanging Gardens anymore. Exactly what we do have are miniature gardens that endure even inside in a small home area. These “gardens” are no more than water tanks powered with an aeration system and a constant supply of nutrients through a formulaic solution. This is hydroponics for you, more popular called “soilless gardening.”

Below are the various types of hydroponic grow systems presently in use:

The Wick Hydroponic Grow System

The Wick system is by far the easiest of hydroponic grow systems. Its primary components are:

* Grow tray
* Growing medium
* Wick
* Air pump
* Air stone
* Tank

The wick system is a passive system, which indicates that there are no moving parts. The nutrition option is positioned inside a tank, which is really absolutely nothing more than a water tank or an old aquarium you no longer usage. The growing medium can be anything from perlite, vermiculite, pro-mix or even coconut fiber.

In order to draw the nutrient solution into the growing medium where the plants are, a piece of straw or tube called a wick is utilized. The air pump is placed simply outside the water tank and is used to pump air into the air stone, which produces bubbles containing oxygen essential for the plant roots to survive.

This hydroponic grow system is the commonest type of system used by house garden enthusiasts due to the fact that of its intrinsic simpleness. You can even style your very own wick system from old containers and aquarium devices so you do not have to acquire anything besides the nutrient option.

The most significant downside of this hydroponic grow system, nevertheless, is that large plants or those that use big quantities of water may consume the nutrient solution faster than the wick can supply it.

Nutrient Film Method Hydroponic Grow System

Typically shortened to N.F.T., this hydroponic grow system is the type of system many people consider when they consider hydroponics. N.F.T. systems are generally composed of the following:

* Grow tray (tube).
* Nutrient pump.
* Tank.
* Air stone.
* Air pump.

This hydroponic grow system has a constant flow of nutrient solution so no timer for the submersible pump is needed. The growing tray, generally a tube, is pumped loaded with nutrient service, which streams over the roots of the plants, and after that drains back into the reservoir.

Generally, this hydroponic grow system does not use growing medium other than air. This therefore saves you the expenditure of changing the growing medium after every crop. Typically, the plant is supported in a small plastic basket with the roots hanging into the nutrient option.

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